What is an International Business Company (IBC)?
An International Business Company is a legal entity normally used as an investment vehicle.

Is Belize a stable jurisdiction for an offshore company?
Belize, though a jurisdiction of just more than thirty years of independence, is a model of stability, peace and democracy. Blessed with a strong and tested legal system and a vibrant system of democratic government substantially adopted from the United Kingdom.

Do I have to visit Belize to incorporate my company?
No. All the necessary forms and due diligence information can be submitted via email with hard copies to follow by mail.

How long does it take to set up a company in Belize and what are the costs?
A Belize IBC is incorporated within 24 hours of your request once all due diligence have been verified.  Kindly refer to our fee schedule included in our application form.

In what languages can an IBC be incorporated?
A Belize IBC may be incorporated in any language (provided a properly translated English version is also submitted) and with an authorized share capital in a foreign currency. The certificate of Incorporation is also granted in that foreign script.

What is due diligence information?
The International Financial Services Commission, the body that regulates the IBC in Belize, requires that all Registered Agents know the clients they are doing business with. Therefore, it is the agent’s responsibility to get as much information on the client in order to be comfortable conducting business.

What level of Confidentiality can I expect?
Confidentiality is one of the many attributes of a Belize IBC. No information pertaining to the identity of directors & shareholders is filed in any public register in Belize. Filing requirements are limited primarily to memorandum and articles of association, name of registered agent and address of registered office.

What is a proof of address?
Any document showing the full name of the person with their residential address details. (Ex: telephone or electricity bill)

What is a Professional reference letter?
A letter which states that the writer of the letter has known the person for a period of years (min 2 years) and briefly describes the manner of the professional relationship.

Are LLC’s incorporated in Belize?
We do not incorporate LLC’s in Belize, but Limited Duration Companies (LDC’s). The main difference between an IBC and LDC is that Managers are appointed instead of directors and the life span of LDC’s is 50 years. The cost for an LDC is the same as the Incorporation cost for a standard IBC.

What is the difference between a corporate director and an individual director?
A corporate director is a corporation, which can have several different signatories who sign on behalf of the company, while an individual director is an actual person who would always be the one to sign on behalf of the company for which he is appointed.

Can I be the sole shareholder in my company?
Yes, for a Belize IBC, there is a minimum requirement of one shareholder.

What are IBC’s most commonly used for?
IBC’s are most commonly used for offshore banking, investment activities and asset protection.

If I already have an IBC, can I have it registered in Belize?
Yes. This procedure is called “Continuation”, or “Re-domiciliation”. The IBC Act provides for companies incorporated in a jurisdiction outside of Belize to be continued in Belize, as long as it satisfies the requirements prescribed for a Belize IBC.

What taxes will I have to pay for my IBC?
Belize IBC’s are totally exempt from all forms of taxation in Belize including stamp duty.

Where is the information regarding directors and shareholders kept?
Information regarding directors and shareholders is kept at the Registered Agent’s office and is not available for public viewing.

Does the authorized capital need to be paid-up?
There is no requirement for the authorized capital to be paid-up.