Professional Intermediaries

In order to enjoy preferred rates as a professional intermediary client, we generally require that a threshold volume of no less than 10 IBC’s per month and/ or 20 IBC’s be incorporated with us within the first six months of our professional relationship.  In this regard, we do offer our preferred rates on a provisional basis to new professional clients on the condition that such threshold volumes of companies are incorporated with us within the said relevant periods.

Through our Client Center, our clients can forward requests for incorporations as well as perform name checks, view invoices, procure various reports on Belize IBC’s, for example, list of active or struck-off companies.  In other words, clients have at their fingertips a complete real time database for their Belize IBC’s.  Our clients have found this service to be extremely useful and we are happy to be the only registered agent in Belize offering this service.