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Welcome and information on BCSL

As we seek to maneuver and progress through the global labyrinth of laws and business that face us today, it is more than a comfort to be able to lean on pillars of strength. Belize and Belize Bank offer these panacean pillars of strength.

Belize, though a jurisdiction of just more than thirty years of independence, is a model of stability, peace and democracy. Blessed with a strong and tested legal system and a vibrant system of democratic government substantially adopted from the United Kingdom, Belize and its people embrace ethnic and cultural diversity and tolerance.

Belize Bank stands similarly as an icon of stability. Just more than two years ago, the Bank celebrated its centennial anniversary of operations. Through the many years of stellar service, the Bank, under prudent and sound management, has steadily grown to now enjoy almost 50% market share of the banking sector in Belize.

Though stable, the Bank has not remained static however. As times have changed, the Bank has also changed. Belize Bank was one of the pioneers of Belize’s international financial services industry offering a seamless package of corporate, trust and international banking services. It comes as no surprise therefore that Belize Bank is now by far the largest corporate services provider in Belize with a global network of professional intermediary and private clients. Belize Bank currently accounts for almost 50% of all Belize IBC incorporations to date.

Value, speed and quality of service have proven to be the hallmarks of Belize Bank’s success and continue to remain a fundamental and integral component of its business strategy.

It is with confidence in our service that we both welcome and urge you to explore Belize and Belize Bank. Take comfort in our jurisdiction and our service.


Belize Corporate Services Limited