Belize Bank – Introduction


The Belize Bank Limited carries a tradition of excellence in service as the first and oldest continuous banking operation in Belize. The Bank of British Honduras was incorporated in December 1902 and opened for business in 1912. Its operations were purchased by the Royal Bank of Canada beginning the second era of operations which lasted until 1987. In April of 1987, the Royal Bank operations were purchased by the Belize Bank, a group of local investors, commencing the third era of Belize’s longest uninterrupted banking operation totaling almost 100 years of service to Belize. Belize Bank is now a wholly owned subsidiary of BCB Holdings Limited, a publicly traded company on the Alternative Investment Market (Symbol: BCB), the Bermuda Stock Exchange (Symbol: BBHL) and the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (Symbol: BCBTT).

The Belize Bank values its tradition of service, built on sound banking experience and the highest ethical standards. With over US$300 million in assets, US$30 million in capital reserves and a track record of consistent growth, the Belize Bank is a pillar of strength, stability and integrity in the Belizean economy. With almost 50% market share in Belize’s domestic banking industry, the Belize Bank continues to be Belize’s leader in banking in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive domestic and international banking environment. The Bank’s 2003 and 2004 audited consolidated balance sheets and statements of income and retained earnings are included herein for your reference.

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